Website or web application building

If you're interested in a website or web application for yourself or your organization, we can discuss options and prices. Prices will range from about 300 to 600 euros for a simple static website (like this one) without too much design options or a content management system (CMS) up to anything more than that. You can then choose whether you want to deploy/host and maintain it yourself or have it done by me for a fair monthly/yearly price.

Example options are CMS (paid cloudservice or on a dedicated server (any Java CMS)), Java back-end applications with or without tests, simple JavaScript front-end apps, specific web design (CSS) or logos. Your website will be build for usage on Firefox, but this can be extended to any browser available on Linux (e.g. Chrome, Edge).

Software development in general and web development as well is constantly changing. Therefore, it's usually necessary to do research on technologies to be used. I charge 80 euros an hour for website development. General research time is highly reduced (75% reduction or more), customer specific research time will be charged as regular development time.

Interested? Just send me an e-mail.


Q: What's a CMS?

A: A CMS is a content management system, that enables you to update your website yourself, without editing and redeploying the website code and data. A CMS requires a login strategy with users and roles, et cetera, and might be too much for many users. There are cloud based CMS's available, that charge a monthly fee. Another option would be, to host your website on a dedicated server with your own (free or paid) CMS. This might much more development time and costs, however.

Q: How can I update a simple static website (without CMS) that is hosted by you?

A: Simply by sending me updated content. The time for adapting it to the right format and deploying is then charged as regular development time. If you don't update the content of your web page very often, this might be the easiest and cheapest option.