acls and bicia were founded in 2022 by Alfons Seelen who is sole proprietor. acls offers various services, aside from autonomous work in a broad range, from software development and consultancy, to (low-level) music production and writing. bicia was founded specifically for the purpose of sports bicycle restoration, the reuse of quality products as an answer to our current throw-away-society. bicia still is an inactive branch of the company.


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I'm Alfons Seelen. Generally, I strive towards the well-being of everybody, people from other countries and animals included. I consider common interest much more important than self-interest. I try to use my talents to create a better world. I'm very sensitive to badly working systems and toxic environments (like a "canary in the coal mine"), and I use my analytical gifts to improve them.

More practically, I'm a programmer, musician, engineer, writer, and much more. After my studies in music and technology, I started working as a software engineer/developer, mostly Java. While learning much about software development and current methodologies and processes in IT business, I was lacking time to work on my ideas regarding music and technology. In order to combine multiple passions, I started acls.

Regarding badly working systems, I learned a lot about software development processes. My own suffering as a software developer in various development teams gave me insights in what possibly goes wrong in many companies. I quit being part of such a team for my own health, but I'm willing to use my experience and analytical gifts to help companies improve their environments. Have a look at sofware development if this sounds interesting to you.

Company information

Company: acls | bicia
Owner: Alfons C. L. Seelen
Currently registered in the Netherlands under (KvK number): 87315017