Open-source software

I create free and open-source software products of which most are released via my GitHub account.

The projects are listed here:

Descriptive snippets from the project's files:

Nut Slot Spacer

This software calculates values for equal spacing between all strings of the instrument. So it (currently) does not take into account string pairs that should be closer together, like for example a 12-string guitar.

Score Convert Java

It's a Java command line application that takes a Lilypond file as an input and converts that to a file containing Ts values with note.


wavetables can be used to generate wave tables of certain shapes, e.g. sawtooth, square, and triangle. Furthermore, it can be used to generate a Discrete Fourier Transform or the inverse, in order to quickly review the harmonic characteristics of a waveform entered by the user. The spectral analysis can then be edited to recreate an altered version of the original waveform, for example to prevent aliasing.


In order to support development of these and similar applications, any donation is appreciated, either via GitHub Sponsors (in case you have a GitHub account) or via PayPal.

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